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Meet the Bloggers


Daphne Allen

Daphne Allen has led the editorial efforts of Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News for more than 10 years. Tired of hearing that packaging is often an afterthought at some pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing companies, Allen believes that better product packaging and identification can ultimately improve patient health and reduce healthcare system costs. She can often be heard predicting that a revolution is coming in which packaging innovations tackle widespread problems with medical errors, patient noncompliance, counterfeiting and diversion, supply-chain hazards, and wasteful healthcare spending.Allen began her career in publishing at PMP News sister publication Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry before moving to PMP News in 1997. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University with honors in 1994.

David Vaczek

Dave Vaczek is a senior editor at Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News. Before joining Canon Communications in 2005, he wrote for a variety of B2B publications, with a focus on healthcare, retail pharmacy practice, and brand marketing and promotion. A former editor of Supermarket Pharmacy, he began his journalism career as a daily newspaper reporter and editor.