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Plan Now to Attend ASTM International Committee Meeting in Spain

May 7, 2012 – 5:23 pm

daphne11-2011-22ASTM International Committee F02 on Flexible Barrier Packaging will meet this fall in Barcelona, Spain, offering a number of technical and regulatory presentations. Speakers will include representatives from both Europe and the United States, including the U.S. FDA.

“Since ASTM International Committee F02 on Flexible Barrier Packaging met in Prague in 2009, there continues to be an active European membership base,” says Hal Miller of PACE Solutions Inc. “The Committee felt that we should demonstrate our support to them by meeting in Europe from time to time in order to provide an opportunity for them to participate, and a means for Committee F02 to further expand its membership.”

Scheduled September 26-27 at the Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I in Barcelona, the fall meeting will include topical presentations in each of the subcommittee and main committee meetings in order to generate new member interest, says Miller.

Speakers and presentations include the following:

  • Diane Trinsey, ASTM International: ASTM Mechanics and Overview
  • Franz Sturm, Lippke: “Future Trends in Permeation Measurements”
  • Thierry Wagner, DuPont Medical & Pharmaceutical Protection: “Microbial Barrier Test Methods for Porous Sterile Barrier Materials”
  • Henk Blom, Rollprint Packaging Products:”Towards a Package Durability Predictive Model”
  • Wendy Mach, Nelson Laboratories: “Package Integrity: Methods of Detection”
  • Hal Miller, PACE Solutions, LLC: “Use of Design Guide F2097 and U.S. FDA Recognition”
  • Pat Weixel, U.S. FDA: “U.S. FDA Perspective: The use of standards in premarket submissions and auditing the medical device packaging process”
  • Pat Nolan, DDL: “Sterile Medical Device Package Performance Testing and the Nebulous Effect of Vibration in Transit”

In addition to listening to these conference-type presentations, attendees “can also participate firsthand in the process of developing new flexible barrier packaging test methods,” says Miller. “Anticipated agenda items are new dye penetration tests for pinholes to 10 µm and channels in the seal to 50 µm, abrasion resistance testing, results of an extensive interlaboratory study on water vapor transmission rate using several different ASTM methods, and consideration of a new puncture resistance test using sharper instruments.”

Says the new ASTM Committee F02 chairman Dhuanne Dodrill, President, Rollprint Packaging Products Inc.: “Getting involved in committee F02 offers packaging professionals a great learning opportunity,” says Dhuanne Dodrill, president of Rollprint Packaging Products and the new chairman of F02. “Participants gain opportunities to discuss the thinking behind ASTM standards and even get to help develop future ones. They can also share their best practices and learn from others, which helps improve the industry as well.”

Further information may be found by clicking here.

Daphne Allen

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