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A Must Watch Video for Medical Package Designers

November 9, 2010 – 2:19 pm

Here we all are, gowned up. I am in the front row, fourth from left.

In our daily news today we shared a report on the Healthcare Packaging Immersion Experience (HcPIE) organized by Michigan State University (MSU) and Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging. The program brought together healthcare professionals, medical packaging experts from Oliver-Tolas and MSU’s School of Packaging, as well as educators from MSU’s Learning and Assessment Center (LAC), which serves the Colleges of Human Medicine, Nursing, Osteopathic Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine.

Simulated procedures, employing life-like human patient simulators, enabled volunteer healthcare practitioners to open packaged medical devices as they would during actual procedures, revealing how packaging can ease—or hinder—aseptic presentation, we reported.

I found the event very beneficial to understanding the role packaging plays in healthcare. To me, it put into action some of the usability issues that have been discussed at HealthPack—so these events complement each other nicely and together can deepen a packaging professional’s appreciation for well-thought-out packaging.

Attendees at the event also got the chance to gown up like a nurse or doctor does for the sterile arena. I also found this very enlightening. I found out just how restricting sterile garb can be in terms of mobility and hand sensitivity. I also learned just how deliberate nurses and doctors have to be in their actions to remain sterile.

I encourage you to watch the YouTube video just to see exactly what took place. If you are at all like me (a bit squeamish) you may start to worry about the fate of those life-like patient simulators. Especially the one with the head injury.

What did I learn? Emergency rooms are stressful and scary and require doctors and nurses to act immediately. The last thing they need is a package that slows them down.

Daphne Allen

P.S. The event was sponsored by Glenroy Inc., DuPont, Multivac Inc., Constantia Flexibles, and BrandWatch Technologies.

The next HcPIE will be held October 5–6, 2011. For details, visit or

For details on additional opportunities for education and research at MSU’s Learning and Assessment Center, please visit or contact Mary Kay Smith at

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