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US Pharmacopeia Takes Up Supply Chain Security

Monday, December 19th, 2011

The United States Pharmacopeia is placing supply chain security at the forefront with a new general chapter on best practices for ensuring supply chain integrity and protecting consumers from poor quality and counterfeit medicines. USP General Chapter <1083>, Good Distribution Practices-Supply Chain Integrity, with the recently published USP General Chapter <1079>, ...

Will Standards and Audits Provide Enough Supply-Chain Visibility?

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Axendia has released the findings of its study on the global supply chain, and I wasn't at all surprised to see that what life science executives say they need is guidance from industry consortia (59%) and regulatory mandates (51%). "Our research shows that industry executives are relying less on internal ...

A View on Global Outsourcing

Friday, January 16th, 2009

The increase in global outsourcing has raised more than a few red flags on the legislative front. Pending bills on the issue will undoubtably attract close scrutiny in Congress this year. Concern has been voiced over the safety of off-shore manufacturing, as well as on its impact on domestic employment. Country-of-origin labeling ...